Well Hello!  We're the Vogelzangs.


Hello Friends!

Marvelous Me books has been a quiet passion project for years.  Despite 2020 being a year of trial after trial after trial, all the stars magically aligned and here we go!  This store is so much more than a children's bookstore.  It's a space where ALL readers will be empowered our pages and families will feel welcomed and seen.  We celebrate diversity and belonging through curated titles and products.  We offer books about hard things that we often can't find words for.  We highlight black and brown authors and honor diverse cultures.  We showcase all the ways families exist and affirm the ways we love one another.  We value spiritual differences and highlight the ways we learn from one another's beliefs.  We name topics that our children's generation will be forced to understand and take action on and empower readers to start using their strong voices now.  But most importantly, we welcome all the MARVELOUS children and adults who will enter our space and cherish the roles they play in the world. 

Our family was lead to each other through two open adoptions.  Rylan, our teenage man child, rocks life with Autism and Tourette Syndrome.  He's joy incarnate and his heart is incapable of discrimination.  Reagan, the smallest human in our bunch, owns her Dyslexia and feels the pain of others in her soul.  She loves purely and deeply.  These children have taught Tim and me how to parent from places of trauma, blessing, chaos, blinding light, grief, hope and advocacy.  


In 2018, Rylan and I (Gwen) published a book, "If I Squeeze Your Head I'm Sorry," about what it feels like living in his brain.  My passion for children's literature and the power of words and art lead me to continue my role of advocate through what is now Marvelous Me books.  Through  "The Twilight Zone of 2019" I found connection, education and understanding through checking out hundreds of children's books from our local curb-side pick up.  The protagonists in each book welcomed me into their cultures, families, brains, souls and experiences.  These stories deserve to be known by my Michigan neighbors and beyond.    

And so we present Marvelous Me books.  You can't say our name without complimenting yourself.  It simply can't be done.  We hope to meet you very soon.  



Miss Gwen
Your Loyal Book Lady